Conversion Jam 2019

Keynotes & Presentations

Steven van Belleghem

Customers the day after tomorrow

Steven describes how to invest in the customer experience of the day after tomorrow. The keynote expounds on three key investment areas: consumer science, automated interfaces and intelligence augmented.

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Ton Wesseling

Enable Validation – Why our current CRO jobs will die

Ton gives you a better conceptual understanding of validation and what you need to change about the set-up and structure of CRO in your company to make sure it really does speed up growth – now and in the future.

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Valerie Kroll

How to Present Test Results to Inspire Action

Valeire discuss culture-shifting techniques to enable your organization to embrace calculated risk, realize the importance of hypothesis driven experimentation, and demonstrate how testing brings you closer to your users.

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Tobias Ahlin

How it hurts to admit you’re wrong – and how it hurts your business

As we pursue our goals and dreams, guided by our most brilliant ideas, we get attached to our past opinions. Tobias demonstrates just how easily we get attached to ideas, and shares ways for how we can structure our processes to enable us to move on from our past mistakes faster.

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Els Aerts

The Lost Art of Asking Questions

World-class user research is the driver behind every successful optimization program. In this talk, Els helps you reconnect with this key element of qualitative research: the lost art of asking questions.

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Michele Kiss

Mastering Analytics for Optimisation Success

World-class user research is the driver behind every successful optimization program. In this talk, Els helps you reconnect with this key element of qualitative research: the lost art of asking questions.

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Simon Dahla & Joost de Schepper

Running a high velocity testing engine at Spotify

Joost & Simon talk is about the journey of starting up the successful CRO team at Spotify. What are the key takeaways that they discovered during this process and what are their most important working principles and methods?

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Morgan Brown

Supercharging growth – Lessons from the real world

Every team wants improved results but few know how to deliver them reliably again and again. In this talk, Morgan shares the framework used by the top growth teams in the world to exceed their goals over and over again.

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Presentations from bonus sessions, freebies, and exclusive offers below. ✌️

AB Tasty

At AB Tasty we elevate customer experiences by providing marketers and product teams with an experimentation and personalization platform that turbocharges optimization.

For more information on AB Tasty and our solutions take a look here. Reach out to for a free trial or to receive the full presentation "Fast&Furious: Personalisation At Pace”.


Get the most out of your Ad server – the basics of attribution and measurement

If you believe that print ads work, that TV-commercials work and that Out-Of-Home works, you must believe that display ads work too. And if you know that 90% of all conversions are post impression, you cannot base your media buying decision on information from a site-analysis tool that will miss all of them.

We know what challenges faces advertisers. The experience is that advertisers are not utilizing their ad server to its full potential.

With all the new technical possibilities, it is difficult to spend the limited time you have on what makes the most difference.

During our break out session we looked at the how an Ad server works practically, why you need one and why it´s critical to track all your digital advertising to understand your customer journey´s. 

Please find more information of our Integrated Advertising Platform and our different services here and feel free to reach out to to discuss this further.

Zoho PageSense

Conversion Optimisation and Personalisation Platform

As a Conversion Jam guest, you get €200 Zoho Wallet credits → Start your free trial here.

Webtrends Optimize

At Webtrends Optimize we help businesses increase online conversions. With our simple approach and market-leading technology we enhace digital experiences and allow experimentation without restrictions, with an absolute focus on the customer at all times.

Download the presentation: Social proof – beyond the cookie cutter 

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Do you want to have a free user test of your site, prototype or maybe the user journey?
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Improove bjuder in till en fullspäckad förmiddag där vi kommer prata kring temat accelererad tillväxt för e-handlare. Handfasta tips med en riktig #getshitdone attityd om strategi, kundanskaffning, konvertering och lojalitet tillsammans med Google. Begränsat antal platser  Anmäl dig gratis här


Next level Digital Communication Platform

Hyper-personalization: The next wave of personalization. 
The future of digital communication is hyper-personalized communication. Through Rule you can send highly targeted messages at every relevant touchpoint, throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Read more about what Hyper-personalization is here and book and exclusive one-to-one with our customer success manager to help you nail the perfect personalization strategy.


Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and dared to compete in the NERF challenge – everyone (almost) did great! If you want a jaw-dropping demo of how Triggerbee can help you personalize on-site messages, click here.

We’re looking forward to coming back next year!


We deliver digital transformation and growth to our clients every day.

By providing best-in-class expertise, solid strategies and hands-on practice, our management consultants and digital experts increase your company’s digital competitiveness and capabilities to operate digital marketing and sales.

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